Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Moments Christmas Card
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I LOVE Shutterfly. Thanks to hosting a House Party they sponsored, and winning a gift certificate for posting a video about why I love the company I scored all our Christmas cards, a sweet photo book, and 101 prints...for FREE! An added bonus? I had my cards in hand a mere 3 days after ordering them. Can't recommend them enough. Thank you Shutterfly!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Care Package from Minnesota/NYC

You can imagine my great joy when a goodie box filled with fun surprises from Courtney and Tudor was waiting for me when I stepped in the door today.

It's hard to say what my favorite goodie was.  I was quite happy to find that the pants Rok peed on moments before we boarded the plane home to Minnesota had been laundered and returned to me.  In my frustration and haste I'd told Courtney to just throw them away.  Luckily, she's the more level-headed of us two.

I also loved my sweet running shirt from Tudor's USA Soccer trip to Brazil and broke it in immediately with a run around the lake here in Klahanie.  This is a photo post-run (which Gabe asked me if I was sure I wanted to take because I was 'all red and sweaty', but I decided to go with it for authenticity).

But if you look in Rok's hands you'll find my favorite part of the care package.  A magazine aptly titled Central Minnesota Women which Courtney sent me to demonstrate the 'propaganda' she's exposed to on a daily basis.  I don't know what she's complaining about.  I learned how to make my own leather goods, the low-down on the best knitting patterns, and what it takes to be a hardcore BMX woman while merely skimming this fine piece of literature for a few minutes.  Who knows what other gems I'll find once I really take the time to read it thoroughly:)

Thanks for our package Courtney and Tudor! XOXO

And Levi makes 4 for this Davis Clan

Last Thursday we happily welcomed Levi as the newest member of the Davis Family Issaquah Branch.  Levi will be living with us while attending Bellevue College, and is currently looking for a job (he informed us his search is for 'a job that pays' his options are wide open:)

The move was definitely the most laid-back of any I've been a part of.  Between Gabe, Levi and I we got the contents from Saya's van and Levi's truck un-loaded and in the house in about 15 minutes. 

And the best part of the move, is that Rok can now experience the joy of moving boxes...lots of them!

I can't wait for Christmas, as I'm sure Rok's box love will have only grown exponentially by then!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mt. Rainier at Camp Ohanapecosh

For a little daycation we decided on a trip to Mt. Rainier last Saturday.  Gabe got a guide book with lists of multiple hikes, and we decided on a loop out of camp Ohanapecosh up to Silver Falls and back.  The roughly 2.5 hour hike seemed like just the right length with Gabe's torn ACL, and me trying out hauling baby boy in the sweet hiking backpack Paul and Mary lent us for the first time. 

We stopped on the way up to get a pic in front of the glorious mountain.  The weather couldn't have been any better.

The falls were spectacular.  Because of our unseasonably cool Spring and early Summer the snow is just now melting at the rapid rate of 18-20 inches per day (Thanks Ranger Dan for that and many other park factoids).

But I'd have to say the highlight of the trip was hauling little Rok in the hiking pack.  We were worried that after a two hour ride up the mountain he wouldn't be so happy with getting popped back in another carrier.  We were wrong.  I think finally being at 'Mom and Dad level' evoked un-paralleled joy in him.  He spent the majority of the trip mimicking our voices, laughing, and singing for passersby on the trail.  The pack worked great, but it was quite the workout! 

We stopped on the way home for a picnic lunch and we let Rok shed his clothes for a little nakie baby time.  He was loving it, and all was well until I realized we hadn't packed chocolate covered raisins and that he was playing with a sizable pile of deer poo.  Whoops!  Guess I didn't sufficiently clear the picnic area for animal droppings:)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Veggie Garden!

Very first veggie from my crop

I'd have to say my favorite part about the new house is the backyard.  When we moved in it was pretty much a mess; overgrown shrubs, shed covered in mold, wildly unruly roses...just to name a few.  For my birthday, Mom and Hunter came and offered a day of labor in the yard to get things under control.  My favorite part of the day was turning the rose-bed into a bonafide vegetable garden that has been thriving.

I wish I had a before picture, but this is a good pic of the veggie garden about a week after we planted.

The only major problem I encountered was the slugs who started munching my lettuce and spinach.  After checking out some other blogs I tried two methods to keep them out.  A 'fence' made of crushed egg-shells and bowls of beer.  The egg-shells allegedly get embedded in their undersides and are uncomfortable enough to keep them out, and the bowls of beer lure the little slimers in and then they drown.  I remember Mom setting out bowls of beer for the slugs when we were little, I also remember going 'slug hunting' after dark with a can of Morton's and salting the ones we spotted with our flashlight.

I found five slugs in the bowls of beer the next morning and the lettuce and spinach have never looked better.  The peas have also really taken off to the point where I needed to stake them and give them room to grow which you can see in the photo below.  Planted a tomato today in a different bed and plan to get some more in the ground tomorrow! (You can also see Rok in the photo below in his typical garden-helper pose...chillin' in the frog jumper and munching on Cheerios)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Minnesota 2011!

Well, I never thought I'd be making annual trips to Minnesota.  But when your beloved sister resides there...its hard to resist the pull of this unbelievably flat, lake-filled, Midwestern state.

I was beyond anxious about the three-hour flights with Rokstad.  On the way there, two Carhart-wearing, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition-toting, teenage boys sat down next to me and I was sure they would not appreciate us for plane-mates...especially with me nursing mere millimeters from their camouflaged shoulders.  However, they were exceedingly nice young men on their way to Wisconsin for their Grandma's funeral who were totally helpful and kind to Rokstad.  The flight whizzed by after a long nap and below is a picture of a very content passenger aboard his first jet-plane.
I can't tell you how nice it was to be greeted by Courty at the airport.  We got Rok loaded in the car and made a trip to Uptown Minneapolis where we ate at an extremely over-priced, very 'Portlandia' cafe where the chicken may be 'free-range' but it tastes like cardboard!  After that was a very important trek to the local grocery store where I was blown away by the variety of gelatin products and processed cheese available in Minnesota!  Additionally, there was a random aisle filled with Costco-sized portions of ranch dressing and maple syrup (the essentials I presume?)

When we reached Court and Tudor's adorable new house I was greeted by an even more adorable Milo who was super-excited to run circles around Rok and I.  That lasted until Rok grabbed a clump of his head-hair and wouldn't let go.  From then on Milo was a little reluctant to get too close to the drooly baby...but they did share toys (and food, when Rok made a beeline for the dog dishes before I could stop and him and was chowing down on kibble in the blink of an eye).

Its hard to recount all the highlights from the trip.  Cinco de Mayo was pretty fantastic.  Court and I got all dolled up and had Margaritas, Nachos and Mud Pie at a Mexican place where the servers were super-sweet and gave us free beads!

We also got a chance to go on a great little walk along the Mississippi at a place called Munsinger Gardens.  Watching Rok get toted around in the Ergo by Court made me very happy. 

But I'd have to say my favorite part of the trip was just spending lots of time with Court and Tudor, and especially cooking with Courtney.  We had so much fun picking new and yummy recipes and turning the kitchen upside down!  Our first night we made a dreamy polenta and sausage dish and juggled Rok and Milo with ease.  However, our final dinner was a 'breakfast for dinner' minor-catastrophe when I had to dart in the bedroom to feed Rokstad and I emerged to a house filled with smoke from burning bacon!  (Dinner was still delicious after we started over with the bacon). 

Another hilarious meal was when we compiled all the leftovers from our week of eating well.  The result was a mish-mash of food that included a few bites of exquisite Indian food, some scraps of naan, LOTS of over-cooked onion and peppers from our least favorite meal, and gobs of white rice.  We boiled up some delish corn on the cob and I made some wraps to fill us up when we realized the leftovers weren't cutting it:)

Before our trip back home, Court and I spent the day in St. Paul and Rok had his first encounter with a swing and LOVED it.

Another high points were a hike around the St. Johns campus, with picture-perfect weather.  It was especially neat to visit this campus almost a year from our first visit where I was preggo with the little bug featured in the above photos.  We have a photo very similar to the one below...but without a little Rokstad's stroller, or a little Rokstad to go in the stroller.
Overall, the week was amazing.  It was such a great gift from Gabe and I can't imagine a better time spent with people I love so dearly.  It was VERY hard to go back home.  Especially when you include the highly challenging airplane ride home with an over-tired baby who did not sleep, threw his food and toys at nearly all the surrounding passengers, and even went so far as to yank off the glasses of the sweet grandma sitting next to us, and to spank the stewardesses as the passed by!  We were very happy to see Gabe, but it was a hard transition when I didn't wake up and get to have a snuggle-pile with Court, Milo and Rok Tuesday morning:(